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"If you have ever built before, then you have probably experienced the following".

Feeling overwhelmed

Sure your builder has given you a list of what showrooms to visit and who to ask for once you are there, but what if you are still not totally clear on the design that you are wanting to create?

To avoid this stress, so you end up visiting random showrooms to simply get an idea of what you like, but now all of these random sales people have simply confused you.

Pro Tip:-

Create pintrest boards for each design category.




Window furnishings


Then fill them with anything and everything that you like (you will be suprised how quickly a styling pattern will emerge)



A new consultant in every showroom

These days most building supply showrooms have designers on staff as a courtesy.

Builders love them, because they are free.


As the customer however, you have not had any prior time together, so you are now trying to establish your design concept, your tastes, your likes, your dislikes, your must haves, and your special needs all on the fly (For each and every showroom that you visit).

This wastes hours and hours of your time, and you can never really be sure that all of these designers are sharing the same vision as you let alone each other.


Have us come with you to each of these meetings as your design consultants. We will sort through the sales hype, reign in wayward ideas, and remain ever mindful of your big picture vision.



Confusion of where to start

While there are techically no right or wrong starting points, we find that everything flows smoother when we follow a structured process.

For example - You sould hold off on drawing the kitchen plans until you know what appliances you've chosen. You can do it, but you will end up needing to redraw it and that costs you time.

Products installed in the wrong place

We here stories like "My fancy ensuite tapware got fitted in the kids bathroom by mistake".

This can only be avoided by being onsite at the time of rough in. Subcontractors should be handed a detailed selections schedule with every product selected - what room is goes - and where on each wall. Otherwise these subcontractors are forced to guess.

Our Services

Fixture Selections

  • Plumbing & Sanitary selections
  • Appliance Selections
  • Kitchen Finishes
  • Tile Selections
  • Flooring Selections
  • Schedules and data sheets

Decor Packages

  • Furniture Packages
  • Rugs
  • Art
  • Mirrors
  • Soft Furnishings
  • Accessories
  • Supply and installation

Window Furnishings

  • Trade Consultation
  • Drapery
  • Shutters & Blinds
  • Motorisation
  • Supply and installation

"We wanted our home to be unique, we wanted it to look great and be practical. From the tapware to the motorised curtains these guys took care of the sourcing of everything......"

D Waters - Broad Beach new build

Fixture Selections

We understand that you don't want the expense of an interior designer, but at the same time, you really do want the support of a design professional to help you make the right decisions. 

This is why we developed the fixtures selection service.

Save weeks of your time, stress free and with zero confusion!

You will make all the right choices for your new home so that it looks magazine worthy.


Decor Packages

A well decorated room is way more than scattering around some cushions.

With furniture, you must be sure that each piece fits the space and has a purpose.

Then layer with accessories to balance the colour and softness of the space.

Know that each room is the best layout it can be, they will flow and feel amazing as you show off your beautiful new home.

Window Furnishings

The window furnishings are almost always over looked as being too far off to give any thought to.

The truth however is the opposite. Styling professionals typically will focus on the end result, and then work backwards. This helps to create a seamless and flowing space that often results in a built in look, rather than an after thought.

You should be considering the energy that you wish the space to give off. Is it formal, is it casual, should it flow.

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