Get the look without the price tag!


Do you want to renovate your home and give it a whole new designer look without the expense of hiring interior designers with their over the top fees? Or the hassle of running around just so you can save a few dollars?And do you even know where to start to put together a budget that will get you the look you want on a budget you can afford?

There is really only one thing that you really need to do and that is phone Belle Casa on 1800 465 541.

Have you ever experienced any of the following headaches before?

Having to explain your project 20 different times to 20 different trades  only to get 20 different quotes?
Tearing your hair out driving all over town every weekend trying to get the best prices and products that you want?

  1. Have you found it is almost impossible to get apples for apples quotes on anything these days!
  2. How on earth can you ever have a chance of making the right choice?
  3. 90% of renovators lose money because of wasted time!
  4. Everyone you talk to gets a different picture in their heads of what you are asking for - what chance have you got?
Belle Casa will take the worry out of your job and provide you with a stress free renovation.  We have a team of professionals at the ready that we are used to dealing with on a daily basis. We speak the the language of the designers, builders and trades and fortunately we also speak your language so we can deliver one picture "your picture" to all suppliers so we are able to source apples for apples quotes for you in a timely fashion


How do we do it?

  • We have access to a select number of builders who specialise in renovations of all sizes
  • We have relationships with designers, decorators and suppliers of all types and to suit all budgets
  • We have developed automatic proprietary online tendering tools which bring most items to our fingertips
  • No more 3 hour meetings with each supplier explaining the story over and over again.  You will be able to tell us once and we'll handle the rest
  • No need to run from store to store looking for the right taps, tiles, carpets, blinds etc
  • All products are back by the manufacturers and suppliers warranties
  • We manage the job from start to finish including assisting the builders and trades with deliveries with the click of a mouse
  • You only need one point of contact - Belle Casa
  • Our builders and trades love working with Belle Casa because they have no worries that selections won't be made on time causing them time delays which ultimately cost you money
  • An easy way to renovate
  • A turnkey system to let you renovate like a pro

Whether you just want to renovate a bathroom or a kitchen, add a room to your home or completely renovate the whole house.  The place to start is Belle Casa!

Don't waste any more time!  Phone Belle Casa on 1800 465 541 or email and we'll call you.