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Pull together your interior décor quickly and stress free.

Gold Coast based Interior Decorators 

You will acheive in hours what’s been taking you weeks

Interior Decorators have increasingly become in high demand on the Gold Coast over the past few years. This has been driven by an movement to better and more sophisticated architectural style homes.

Not everybody needs the “FULL DESIGN” packages though. Below are a few of the services that we commonly help Gold Coasters with.

Our Professional Services

Curtain & Blind Packages


Curtains and blinds are such important elements of interior design for several reasons. Well planned curtains and blinds can block out unwanted light and noise, making a space more comfortable and relaxing.

In addition to their functional benefits, curtains and blinds will set the tone of a room. Good curtains and blinds will add texture and interest to a space. For example, sheer curtains can add a soft, ethereal touch to a room, while heavy, velvet drapes can create a sense of luxury and opulence.

Our Interior Decorators will ensure that your curtains and blinds create a comfortable, stylish, and cohesive look in any space.

How it works….

  • Book your initial call or meeting
  • Establish your wants and needs
  • Choose from our library of the latest fabrics
  • We will measure, make, and install for you



Call Us – (07) 55765559

Linen look sheer curtains
Casamance wallpaper show for Belle Casa website



When selecting wallpapers for your new home, it’s important to consider the style and atmosphere you want to create. Do you want a beachy, laid-back vibe or a more luxurious, elegant feel? Bright, bold patterns and colors can add energy to a room, while more subtle, neutral tones can create a calming atmosphere. It’s also important to consider the lighting in the space and how the wallpaper will look at different times of day. With so many options available, it’s important to take the time to find the perfect wallpaper for your dream home

How it works….

  • Book a studio viewing
  • Bring as many samples & inspo pics as you can
  • Receive visual aids on the fly (in required)
  • Supply only or supply and install (if local)



Furniture & Décor Packages


Pulling together your interior décor can be hard and is certainly a lot of work.

We will break these packages into 3 Phases.

1. Concept Phase 

2. Spatial Design & Product Sourcing

3. Procurement & Installation 

How it works….

  • Book your initial call
  • Establish our scope of work
  • We will present products with visual aids for approval
  • Receive PDF documentation and colour samples
  • We will procure and install for you



Decorating a dining table
Belle Casa studio selections session

Colour Consultation

Interior designers offer expertise in colour selection and create colour schemes that harmonize with the design concept and client's preferences. They consider factors such as the psychological effects of colours, desired atmosphere, and the interaction between colours within the space.

Jo - Cabarita Beach

Being stuck in Melbourne while our home was being built, Baden removed all the stress and made the whole building experience easy.

His communication from start to finish was excellent

Susan - Pottsville

Badens attention to detail and passion for design helped complete my home which I believe helped in the recent HIA awards

Jenny - Coran Cove

Belle Casa made my life and journey with our new build so much easier and a pleasant experience… We Thank You your work and that you listen to your clients… 5 Stars.

Lisa - Kenmore, Brisbane

Baden was professional and a pleasure to work with, as were his installers.

I would highly recommend Belle Casa.

Monica - New farm, Brisbane

We found Bella Casa excellent to deal with, in every way. They worked very well with our design team and with our client after handover. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Belle Casa for our next project

Val - Ashmore

Just want to say what excellent and professional service I received from Baden and his team at Belle Casa. I would have no hesitation in recommending Belle Casa

Kate - Palm Beach

He provided a professional and understanding service at quotation stage and then at installation was meticulous in his execution.

Jo - Burleigh

Love love love my new curtains. Thank you Baden for helping me choose the fabric, tracks & keeping me updated on the progress.

Chelsea - Cabarita Beach

Due to Covid travel restrictions we were unable to visit our project for the entire duration of the build. From the teaspoons to the outdoor furniture, Baden’s eye for detail, experience and trade contacts ensured that our project exceeded our expectations.

Lucy - Miami

Belle Casa are highly professional and a pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail and well-considered design ideas are extremely impressive.

Annie - Burleigh

Belle Casa just nailed it!

We had a great discussion where Baden and his team were able to help me visualise, articulate and ultimately pin down a look that is now “My Style”.

Damian - Broadbeach

Great experience… Our builder first introduced us to Baden from Belle Casa, while we were building our dream home a few years ago. He took the time to understand us and what we were wanting to achieve. We wanted our home to be unique, we wanted it to look great and be practical. From the tapware to the motorised curtains these guys took care of the sourcing of everything, but at the same time we stayed in control of the overall look and what products we selected. They were like having a PA taking care of our interior design for us. These guys are perfect for anyone who knows what they want to build, but don’t have the time or the desire to visit hundreds of showrooms. We would definitely use them again, and we will happily refer them to anyone who asks.

Anthony - Broadbeach

I have lived on the Gold Coast on and off for over 40 years and have owned numerous houses and apartments. During that time I have used Baden exclusively to provide all of our shutters and window coverings. Why ? Because he is always on trend, accurate, passionate and on time. Baden also always goes the extra mile for his clients. The bonus is that he and I have become mates and he tolerates my OCD with a knowing smile and a laugh ! Highly, highly recommend Baden to anyone and everyone !

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Pulling together your interior decor can get stressfull and overwhelming. You often don’t know where to start and there is so much choice these days that start to make spontainious purchases that then fuler complecate the interior decor. Belle Casa are the mose affordable interior decorators Gold Coast has to offer. We have a focus on supporting you to acheive the home of your dreams.

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Baden Behrens - Owner Belle Casa Interiors

Hi, I'm Baden.

The interior décor will either make or break the look and feel of any home.

With so much choice out there, it’s no wonder we get overwhelmed

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