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Lets look at the windows


Shutters have definately been enjoying a resergence of late, but with the distinction that we are using them predominately on windows and less so on doors.

Although practical, our savey stylists are still favouring the softness of sheer curtains on doors. This is in part due to the price of shutters, but a more likely explanation is that too many shutters can easily over power a room.


The humble sheer is still a clear favourite with stylists, and design professionals. The right sheer will lift any rooms decor to the next level. Like all things, not all sheers are created equal......, a professional will choose different tracking, and manufacture techniques to suit various decor styles.

Whether it is Hampton style, QLD Coastal, or a Mid-Century  Modern decor. The right sheer can make any room magazine worthy.



Roller blinds have come a long way from those old pull down blinds from the 50s.

These days the fabric coices are huge, and we typically control them using a chain or motor.

Rollers have a great price point and we use them when we are wanting a simple clean look. A popular update to the humble roller blind is the silent bottom bar. The clanging at night was a definate turn off.


Every Alfresco area is faced with very similar issues. We all love feeling connected with the outdoors, but also want some privacy from the neighbours or protection from the elements. There are several basic types of awnings, and each one has it's intended purpose.  The folding arm awning is a fantastic way to gain aditional roof cover, while drop blind awnings are used to close in an area. Awnings do have their limitations however, but compaired to Shutters, they pose a viable option to many home owners.