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What Shutters are best for you


Shutters have been a large part of our interior decor on the Gold Coast over our 20 years in the industry.  This is due to their simplicity, and practicality. There are few products that offer privacy, and airflow while you still get to enjoy the view.

Back when we set up our workshop “Seabreeze Shutters”, we could only make them out of timber, but these days we have so many more options.

Aluminium Shutters

PVC Shutters

Cedar Shutters

Each have their pros and cons and they all have their place in our homes.


Well designed and properly installed shutters will make your interior decor truly shine, but who do you trust? While we are probably not the ones to answer that, we can say that it is a personal thing. 

Aluminium Shutters indoors

Here we used aluminium shutters to slide accross this huge door. Aluminium shutters were chosen becase we wanted the fewest shutters possible to keep the design intgrity of this award winning home.

Locally made shutters

Our shutters are all made locally and our prices are competitve to the imported product.

We design, supply and install your quality shutters to ensure that your interior decor shines and that you have a space that you love coming home to.

Sliding indoor aluminium shutters

Above pic:- Here is Baden Behrens our director and head designer overseeing our install