Alfresco Rooms


The combination of stone and appliance selections, all wrapped with Aluminium Multifold Shutters, give this alfresco room flexibility, privacy, warmth, and ambience! When you are designing an outdoor kitchen you should consider many aspects beyond the look. It needs to flow, and function as if it is a natural extension of your home.

  1. Do you require access to pools, back yards, or services like pool pumps etc.?
  2. Do you love cooking outside?
  3. Are you needing drinks fridges
  4. Can you get plumbing access for wash up sinks
  5. If you can access plumbing would a hidden dishwasher be practical or a pain?
  6. Are your neighbours nosey…, do you need to screen them out?
  7. Will closing in the space spoil your view from inside? Is that an issue?
  8. Will this outdoor room be a chill out wind down from work kind of space, or is it to be “Party Central”?


Get the look!

Incorporating natural products like Stone can soften and enhance the hard finished like the Aluminium Shutters.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting… consideration to your ambient lighting is substantially cheaper to achieve early on during the design phase.

Perhaps you want to be able to dim the lights and chill.

Highlight focal interests, like water features or stone work.

Before you start, search online for loads of ideas and collect images of everything that grabs your attention, eventually you will see a pattern appear of what you want to build and how you want your Alfresco room to feel.

Be inspired!!